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Are you looking for the best of the best photo booths Chicago has to offer? FotoFavors Photo Station is your premier open-air photo booth! Professional equipment. Studio lighting. Extraordinary experience!

When looking for a photo booth for your event, there are many factors to consider before making your decision. Photo booths are entertaining, but it’s also important you and your guests end up with high-quality pictures.

Plus, there’s the social media aspect to your photo booth: with instant sharing, your guests will get people talking about your event, both during and after! People love to share pics with custom hashtags, so they’re easily found on Facebook and Twitter.

There are many photo booth rental companies from which to choose, but don’t be fooled – they’re all not the same. Below are ten considerations from a professional when looking for the best photo booths Chicago has to offer.

Top 10 considerations when choosing the best photo booths Chicago has to offer

1. Photo Booth Style & Size

Guests will come running when they see others having fun taking pictures, which is why the open-air style is preferable. There’s way more room to strike a pose and it accommodates large groups. A traditional photo booth is small and cramped… it can be claustrophobic! FotoFavors is engaging and spacious. So, don’t let a traditional photo booth cramp your style!

Without question, when people see others having a blast, it encourages them to jump in the photo booth. With the contagious nature of an open-air photo booth, you’ll see higher guest participation. Part of the reason FotoFavors is tops among the best photo booths Chicago has to offer.

Another advantage to the FotoFavors open-air setup is our custom backdrops.  We provide a range of distinctive designs to fit the aesthetic of your event and give your pictures incredible depth and brightness.  See our galleries for examples.

2. Professional Photographer

Many photo booths are run by companies who also provide DJs, lighting, and more.  FotoFavors is owned and operated by a certified professional photographer and it’s all we do!  Focusing on doing one thing really well enables us to offer the highest quality product and the best possible service.  As they say, “Do one thing and do it well”! That’s our philosophy at FotoFavors and our clients see the difference. It’s one reason why we’re at the top of the best photo booths Chicago has to offer.

3. Professional Equipment

Many photo booths use low-quality webcams built into a tablet or cheap digital cameras.  FotoFavors only uses professional photography equipment to ensure the highest quality pictures, plus our studio lighting makes everyone look like a star!  It’s like having a professional photography studio at your event, something a traditional photo booth can’t replicate. FotoFavors’ equipment ensures you’ll have the best of the best photo booths Chicago has to offer.

For those events where a “step and repeat” (red-carpet style) is needed, FotoFavors offers an efficient solution to keep the line moving and ensure every guest gets their print, fast.

4. What comes with the package?

It’s a question everyone should ask.  Many photo booths do not offer all-inclusive packages and charge extra for unlimited prints, instant sharing, and animated GIFs. Make sure to check out the details, as many photo booth rental companies allow just one print per group.  Your guests will be bummed if they were in a pic, but can’t get a print! Find out how many hours are included in the package and the cost for extra time.  Also, make sure to check out if you need to provide WiFi.  Most photo booths do not offer WiFi hotspots with their instant sharing.  FotoFavors includes all the features mentioned above at no additional charge! Yet another reason we’re at the top of heap when it comes to the best photo booths Chicago has to offer.


5. Prints

Ask about speed per print.  You don’t want your guests to stand around waiting… when they can be dancing!

A slower printer holds up the line, and no one wants that! FotoFavors uses a professional printer that creates gorgeous 4″ x 6″ prints in just 6 seconds.  Traditional photo booth prints are half the size and some companies don’t offer on-site printing. Not only will your pictures be bigger and bolder, the event branding will be larger and easy to see. It’s a big difference… and it shows! The 4″ x 6″ print is also a standard size, so it’s easy to frame.  Our prints are not cheap throw-away favors, they’re professional pictures your guests will want to keep! Another reason why FotoFavors is at the top of the list when it comes to the best photo booths Chicago has to offer!


6. Instant Sharing

It’s great to have instant sharing, but make sure your photo booth rental company offers a separate device for guests to use.  Many photo booths have just one device to take and share the pictures. This can cause backups, creating a long line at the photo booth. FotoFavors features an iPad kiosk, so guests can take their pictures, then head to the iPad kiosk to share their pic and get their print.  This keeps the line flowing and wait time minimal.

With FotoFavors, your guests can share by email, text and on Facebook and Twitter.  There’s even AirDrop for iPhone users!

FotoFavors also includes custom hashtags for your event, so the pics upload instantly to your Facebook page are easily searchable.  It’s another reason why FotoFavors is at the top of the list when it comes to the best photo booths Chicago has to offer!

7. Photo Booth Attendant

A great attendant is key to a fabulous experience in the photo booth!  The attendant not only helps guests with props and gives them their prints, they’re also there to provide encouragement for those guests who might be a little camera-shy.  Find out if an attendant comes with your package and make sure they dress appropriately for your event!  You don’t want someone with jeans and a flannel shirt at your wedding or black tie event. (Trust us, this happens!)

8. Selfie-Style Monitor

Guests love to see themselves in the photo booth, so there are no surprises when the flash goes off! Our live monitor makes every picture a giant selfie (or groupie)!  The bigger the monitor, the better to see yourself as you strike a pose during the countdown. FotoFavors uses a 27″ touchscreen monitor, so everything comes through bright and clear during the countdown – ensuring the perfect picture! It’s a big reason why FotoFavors is at the top of the list when it comes to the best photo booths Chicago has to offer!

9. Props

Ask about the props included with the photo booth package. Some props look cheap and cartoonish, not ideal for a fancy event! So, make sure to check what you’re getting beforehand to see if they compliment your event.


Hats and stick props are great- if they are of good quality.  FotoFavors uses boutique-style, handmade stick props to give your pictures a fun, yet high-end appearance.  It’s probably best not to have too many props, either… less is more!

10. Digital files & Copyright

Check to make sure you receive the digital files with your photo booth package.  Also, find out what size of images they provide.  If you have branded prints at your event, ask if you’ll receive both the branded, as well as the raw files.  FotoFavors includes both at no extra cost, another reason why FotoFavors is at the top of the list when it comes to the best photo booths Chicago has to offer!

FotoFavors serves the greater Chicago area and beyond and is the top dog when it comes to the best photo booths Chicago has to offer.

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