Top 10 Considerations: FotoFavors Photo Station vs. Photo Booth

Top 10 Questions to ask your photo booth rental company


1. Is your booth open or closed? More guests participate in the festivities when they see others having fun, which is why our open-air booth is really superb for events. Our set- up accommodates large groups, so there’s room for everyone to strike a pose (and be seen!) in the print. A traditional photo booth is small, dark and cramped…totally claustrophobic. In contrast, FotoFavors is engaging, bright and spacious. Never let a traditional photo booth rental cramp your style again!

Another advantage to the FotoFavors open-air setup is our custom backdrops.  We provide a range of distinctive and high end fabrics, specially selected to fit the aesthetic of your event. Our professional studio lighting provides incredible depth and brightness and ensures everyone looks their best (no dark shadows to be found here!).

2. What else is your photo booth company doing? Many photo booths are run by companies that also provide DJs, lighting, port-a potties etc.  FotoFavors is owned and operated by a certified professional photographer and it’s the only thing we will be focusing on at your event!  This enables us to offer the highest quality product and the best possible service. As they say, “Do one thing and do it well”! That’s our philosophy at FotoFavors…and our clients feel (and see) the difference.

3. What kind of equipment do they use? Many photo booth rental companies use low-quality webcams built into a tablet or basic digital cameras (like the one your grandma has!)  FotoFavors uses only professional Canon DSLR cameras and studio lighting to ensure the highest quality images. It’s essentially a mobile professional photo studio, so everyone looks amazing! This is something the traditional photo booth just can’t replicate.

4. What does the price include? A question everyone should ask!  Many photo booths do not offer all-inclusive packages, so they charge extra for unlimited prints, instant sharing, and animated GIFs, etc.  Make sure to check out the fine print and you’ll find that many photo booth rental companies allow only ONE print per group — how rude!  Guests are bummed if they were in the pic, but can’t get a print! We don’t cut corners, everyone who wants a print gets one…no one leaves empty-handed!

Make sure to also ask how many hours are included and the cost for extra time.  And do you need to provide WiFi?  Most photo booths do not offer WiFi hotspots with their instant sharing.  FotoFavors includes all the features mentioned above as part of our all – inclusive base fee.

5. How long does it take to print? Ask about speed per print and what kind of printer they use. A slower printer holds up the line, and no one likes to wait in line! FotoFavors uses a professional DNP dye-sublimation printer that creates gorgeous 4″ x 6″ prints in just 8 seconds.  Traditional photo booth prints are half the size and with terrible resolution — like they were taken on a flip phone from the 90s!

With FotoFavors, not only will your pictures be bigger and bolder, but your event branding will be front and center too. The  4″ x 6″ prints are easy to frame (not to just slap on the fridge or get lost in your purse!). We provide professional, keepsake photos that your guests can cherish forever — never a cheap, throw-away favor.

6. Does the booth offer instant sharing? Instant sharing is a must in 2016!  Make sure your photo booth rental company offers a device for your guests to share their photos.  Some photo booths have just one device, that both takes and shares the pics. This can creating a long line at the photo booth, with people waiting for their turn — ack!

FotoFavors features a stand-alone iPad kiosk, so after guests snap their pictures, they head to kiosk to share their pic.  This prevents a bottleneck and keeps the line flowing and the party going! With the FotoFavors iPad kiosk, your guests can share by email, text, Facebook and Twitter.  Plus AirDrop for iPhone users!

7. Does your booth have an attendant? A great attendant is really necessary for a 5 star experience. The attendant not only helps guests get the best shot, but they’re also there to provide encouragement for those who may be a little camera-shy.  Find out if an attendant comes with your package…and make sure they dress appropriately for your event!  You probably don’t want someone with a flannel shirt and unkempt beard at your wedding or black tie event. Well, maybe you do (no judgement!) but we will always be there in our finest!

8. Does the booth have a live view monitor? When guests can see themselves in the photo booth, there are no surprises when the flash goes off! Our selfie-style live monitor with a visible countdown always makes for a better photo.  FotoFavors uses a 27″ monitor, the bigger the monitor, the better to see yourself and perfect your pose before the flash!

9. What props are included with the photo booth package? Some photo booth rental companies provide props that are cheap, dollar store items…not ideal for a high end event. FotoFavors hand makes all of our stick props! No old, tattered and stained box of junk at your event. Just let us know if you have a theme to your event and we will be happy to make any special requests.

10. Do you receive the digital files with your photo booth package?  Also, find out what size of images they provide.  If you have branded prints at your event, ask if you’ll receive both the branded, as well as the raw files.  FotoFavors includes both in our all-inclusive rate.

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Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Photo Booth Company

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